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Small Presses and Local Authors

Nashville Public Library is often asked to include items in our libraries that are written and/or published independently. This can include materials that are self-published/produced or items published through a vanity press company. The library looks for material with regional connections and collection relevance that will appeal to a wide audience. The best way to bring an item to the library’s attention is through reviews. Review sources that specialize in independently published material include the following:

  • ForeWord
  • Small Press Review
  • Independent Publisher

A positive review in one or more of the library review journals, such as Library Journal, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Publisher's Weekly or in the Sunday edition of the local daily paper will give an independently published book an improved chance for selection by Nashville Public Library. It is also to your benefit if your item is being carried by a local book store, which would generate a demand for its purchase by our system.

Please keep in mind that books in a public library get constant and sometimes heavy use from the public. Because of this, we look for material that is sturdily bound, preferably sewn or glued. Spiral and comb bindings do not stand up well in our setting and books with pages designed to be filled in or torn out by the reader are not appropriate.

  • If you would like us to consider your materials, please send the following information:
  • A brief summary of the material.
  • Any professional reviews
  • Author background and contact information
  • Publisher information
  • Item description (price, ISBN, date of publication)
  • Distributor(s) where we can purchase the book

You can also send us a preview copy of the book but please keep in mind that we do not return preview copies. Copies can be sent to the address below:

Nashville Public Library
Attn: Material Services Dept.
615 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37219