Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and Mac OS. It is currently not compatible with tablets, cell phones, or Linux. Wireless printing software is available in the upper right corner of the Wireless Start Page.

To print, select your operating system, your branch, and download and install the printing software. The print software will run in the background until you print a page. After you select print, the wireless printing software will prompt you to enter a name for the print job and tell you how much your print will cost. Go to a print release station to find your print job and pay for your prints.

If you are unable to print from your laptop to a library printer, try to fix the connection with these steps:

  • Restart computer.
  • Log on to the library's wireless network, Metro Public WiFi, not a 4G or cell provider.
  • Open the browser and agree to the terms of service.
  • Run the printing software again - do not close the window it is running in. When the program is ready, you will see it in your task bar.
  • Confirm that you are still using the Metro Public WiFi network.
  • Print your item. In the print dialog box, select the library's wireless printer.

If you require help during setup, please ask a librarian on location.