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Just Listen: The Magic Shop

The author of today’s story, HG Wells, wrote a number of novels, most of which fell into two categories: imaginative romances and futuristic fantasies.  Known around the world as the father of Science Fiction, his personal life is full of anecdotes and wry sayings and events, such as the following.

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Flying Women

Nashville's history with theatre and the performing arts is long and storied. You can find treasure after treasure documenting this history in NPL Special Collections. On May 25, Special Collections is playing its own role in the story.

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Become One in a Million

Be Well at NPL values making health information and wellness opportunities accessible to all, which is why we are thrilled to partner with the All of Us Research Program, a national effort to speed up medical breakthroughs and create a future of medicine that can tailor to our unique differences.

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Just Listen: The Marriages, Parts I & II

Just Listen  Podcast Logo

Just Listen: the Marriages, Parts I & II

Although sharply criticized by his English contemporaries, American author Henry James is now valued for his psychological and moral realism, his masterful creation of character, his low-key but playful humour, and his assured command of the English language. 

Bloodstrike: Brutalists by Michel Fiffe

Bloodstrike: Brutalists by Michel Fiffe

Nostalgia is a valuable commodity. No generation is safe from it, but those of us on the cusp of middle age are particularly susceptible to it. Just ask the X-Men t-shirt in my closet.