Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat in the air at the end of Mary Tyler Moore Show opening credits

More on Moore

Yeah, cheesy title. We know. But, want to know more about the woman who set the standard for women's early roles in television? We've got you covered.

Hellbound Heart

What's Your Pleasure?

Frank's sole purpose in life is to experience the pleasures of the world, without consequence. Frank's brother just wants to be good husband, and live a quiet domestic life. Frank's actions pull his family into a horrifying world full of horror.

Close up LEGO picture

Time to LEGO

Registration for Nashville Public Library's 7th Annual LEGO Competition is now open! 

Cover of Rural Radio magazine

Radio Resources

The Special Collections Division holds a surprisingly wide array of resources about local radio stations and radio culture.

Sheet Pan Suppers

If your New Year’s resolution was to cook at home more often, this is the cookbook for you.

Avenge Pearl Harbor event_1942

A Date That's Lived in Infamy...75 years later

Tennessee stayed true to their nickname as the "volunteer state" after the attack on Pearl Harbor, that occured 75 years ago this month. Here are a few news clippings and photographs from the days after the attack.