Welcome Home Parade held in Washington, D.C. on February 26, 1919

Remember, Remember the 11th of November

Though this was the first year that Metro Nashville Government closed for Veteran's Day, we've never neglected honoring the ever-important holiday. Check out some of the documents and memorabilia from Metro Archives.   


Not enough poultry in your life? Then you need POYO!!!

Gwen Ifill, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, and Janet Reno

You Will Not Be Forgotten

It's been a rough week: we've lost some talented people. Longing to know more about Gwen Ifill, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, or Janet Reno? We offer these selections.

International Games Day logo

Game On: Play @ Your Library

Looking for a place to hang out and have fun with your friends or family?  Read, learn, and play during International Games Day @ your library on Saturday, November 19th.


And you thought your family was dysfunctional.