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Come Back to Our Library, Without Leaving Your Vehicle

May 29, 2020

Curbside Service

See curbside service locations and hours.
(Locations without hours listed are not currently offering curbside service.)

Notice - Inclement weather may force temporary suspension of curbside service.

At a Glance

If you placed your holds for pickup here prior to closure Pick them up here during curbside service only phase
Main Library Main Library
Bellevue Branch Bellevue Branch
Bordeaux Branch Bordeaux Branch
Donelson Branch Donelson Branch 
East Branch Inglewood Branch
Edgehill Branch Green Hills Branch
Edmondson Pike Branch Edmondson Pike Branch 
Goodlettsville Branch Goodlettsville Branch 
Green Hills Branch Green Hills Branch
Hadley Park Branch Bordeaux Branch
Hermitage Branch Hermitage Branch
Inglewood Branch Inglewood Branch 
Looby Branch Bordeaux Branch
Madison Branch Madison Branch
North Branch Bordeaux Branch
Old Hickory Branch Hermitage Branch
Pruitt Branch Main Library
Richland Park Branch Richland Park Branch
Southeast Branch Southeast Branch
Thompson Lane Branch Thompson Lane Branch
Watkins Park Branch Bordeaux Branch

How it Works

  1. Use our online catalog and place a hold on the items you want. 
  2. Receive a notification letting you know it’s time for pickup.
  3. Bring your library card for pickup.
  4. After arriving, follow signs to the pickup spot.
    Pickup for the Main Library will be next to the book drop on 6th Avenue (not the Library Garage).
  5. Call the number on the sign and let library staff know that you’ve arrived.
  6. Put your library card against your vehicle’s window when library staff approach, and pop your trunk or make sure a rear door is unlocked.
  7. Staff will put your items in your vehicle, and you're done!

Public Computers are Available

Missing the public access computers at our library? Then we’ve got some great news.

You can access our public computers at the Main Library, as well as our Bellevue, Bordeaux, Madison, and Southeast Branch locations.

Need to Know

  • One session per customer per day.
  • Sessions are one hour long Monday–Friday, and two hours long on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • While we allow same day appointments, no walk-ins are accepted.
  • Customers will be admitted no earlier than 5 minutes prior to, and no more than 15 minutes past, their reservation time.
  • Your time slot cannot be extended, in order to be fair to all our visitors and allow us time to clean the terminals between uses.
  • A mask must be worn at all times to use our computers. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you at no charge.
  • All other in-person services remain unavailable and we are not allowing anyone to browse our collections during their visit.

Computer Access FAQs

1. Can I book a reservation without a library card?

A card is not necessary to make a reservation.

2. Are your printers available as well?

Customers are allowed to print up to 20 pages free-of-charge per appointment. Fax, scan, and copy services are not available. Customers can use our mobile printing without making a computer reservation and pick up printed items through our curbside service at Bellevue, Bordeaux, Edmondson Pike, Green Hills, Hermitage, Madison, Southeast and Main Library.

3. I need to bring my children with me — are they allowed to go somewhere else or do they have to stay at the computer with me?

Customers are allowed to bring one additional guest with them, but that must be disclosed at the time of the appointment so we can ensure proper social distancing. That guest must be seated directly next to the person using the computer. If your children are able to operate a computer independently, or with your assistance, you can make appointments for them to use the computer as well as long as availability allows.

4. Do my children need to wear a mask, as well?

Yes, except children under 2 years of age.

5. If I know I’m going to be delayed more than 15 minutes, can I call you in advance to keep my slot?

This depends on circumstances at the location and at the time of your reservation. Some locations may be able to accommodate this, however, no time extensions are allowed and you will only be able to use the computer for the time allotted.

6. I have a certified condition that I can’t wear a mask. Can I still use the computers?

Please contact the location you’d like to use to discuss the possibility of accommodation.

7. Am I going to have to sit right next to someone using another computer?

The computers are distanced six feet apart, and we used best safety practices to ensure we do not exceed the safe amount of people in the space.

8. When will you allow computer access at your other locations? 

We hope to expand computer access to include other branches soon, but do not have further information at this time.

9. Won’t allowing people to touch the computers just spread the virus and other germs?

Between each appointment, we will be cleaning the equipment and the computers will have disposable covers on the keyboards and mice. We will also have hand sanitizer stations available for customer use.

10. Why did you choose these locations in particular?

We chose these locations based on computer use during regular operating conditions and staff availability.

11. How are you cleaning the computers after use?

Each computer has disposable covers on the keyboards and mice, which are removed after each use. Computer sessions begin with new, unused covers on the keyboard and mouse. The area around the computer is wiped down with a CDC-approved disinfectant using proper safety protocols. Staff will wear masks and gloves when performing this procedure.

12. Does this mean I can pick up my checkouts at these locations in-person? 

No. In order to adhere to proper social distancing, the only people allowed in the library will be staff and customers with computer appointments. We will continue to offer curbside service, so please use it before or after your appointment to pick up your items.

13. What should I do if the person at the computer next to me isn’t following safety protocols?

Let library staff know.

14. Will library staff be able to assist me with my computer questions? 

To adhere to proper social distancing, staff will not be offering individual assistance. However, we will have worksheets available to answer common questions. If you need personalized assistance, please notify staff at the time of your reservation that you will bring a knowledgeable guest with you to assist with your computer questions.

Upgrade Your Digital Access Card

If you signed up for a digital access card, you can now upgrade to a full access, physical library card at any of our curbside service locations.

The process is simple. Reserve the items you want, including physical items, in our online catalog. When you come to pick up your holds, bring a photo ID and proof of your Davidson County residency with you. We'll take care of the rest.

For a full list of acceptable photo IDs and proofs of residency you can use, please visit our Get a Card page.

You Click It; We Pick It

Having access to a wide variety of books, CDs, movies, and more is awesome, but what if you’re not sure what you want, or what if you can’t find it?

Don’t worry — we’re here to help.

With Library Concierge, our staff can create custom lists filled with the things you love. Whether you want to find great books for early readers, movies or other items in your favorite genres, works similar to the artists you adore, or anything in between, our team will browse our shelves for you. 

If you want us to hold the items we find for you, let us know and provide your library card number. We’ll bundle them up and let you know when they’re available for curbside pickup. If all you want is a list of suggestions, we can do that, too. If you want both? No problem.

Getting started is easy: fill out our online form, give us a few days to work our magic, then enjoy your next favorite thing at NPL.

How We’re Keeping You Safe

Our first priority during this time is to protect the health and well-being of our staff and customers.

Our curbside service is designed to minimize human contact as much as possible. Once you return your library materials, they will be placed in quarantine for four days before they’re placed back into circulation. (Note: for this reason, you may notice a longer-than-usual delay between when you return books and when they no longer display as "checked out" on your library account).

Our staff will receive daily temperature checks before being allowed to work, and are required to wear face masks at all times.

During the first phase of our reopening, our library facilities remain closed to the public. All programs, community events, and meeting room reservations will remain suspended for now.

We are working toward reopening as quickly, but safely, as we can. In the meantime, please continue to use our curbside service, our downloadable and streaming content, and enjoy online events through NPL Universe

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