A Win for Nashville: 2017 Library of the Year

I’m thrilled at the news: Nashville Public Library is the 2017 Library of the Year!!!!!

This is a big win for our library, for our dedicated staff, and for Davidson County.

You’ve heard it before: A city with a great library is a great city. What I want to emphasize today is that the people who use, trust, and support Nashville Public Library make it great.

You, our readers, represent the diversity of our planet. You explore the histories, characters, and ideas of the world through our two million-plus books and other materials. 

You love a good story, and you come to Nashville Public Library to share your stories. You are artists and inventors, thinkers and debaters.

Our library’s story is tied to Nashville’s story. We are committed to helping shape education, economic development, and community growth for everyone.

Nashville Public Library helps meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities we face as our city continues to grow.

You don't have to take our word for it; here's some of what our patrons have to say about 2017's Library of the Year:

“Fabulous! I could have told them that even before the award. Thank you and all the staff and volunteers for making such a difference for our community. It is a treasure!!!”
-Betsy H.
“This is a tribute to countless hours of hard work, great planning and clear vision. Many congratulations!!!"
-John O.
“Bravo! I moved back to New York a couple of years ago, and am always bragging about the Nashville Public Library. I spent many hours there writing and researching (from the vast resource materials), and saw over four hundred films and TV shows from your amazing collection! I will always brag about the NPL wherever I am on the planet.”
-Carolyn M.

I want to thank everyone who helped us get to today: our patrons, the Nashville Public Library Board, elected officials, employees, volunteers, the Nashville Public Library Foundation, the Friends of the Library, and all our supporters. 

Here’s to a great library – the 2017 Library of the Year! – in a great city.

young woman holding a stack of books, standing in front of an NPL Pathways for New Americans displayyoung boy and girl, standing and smiling in an NPL Branch Library