NPL Mixtapes: Auditory Apparitions

An NPL curated Halloween inspired playlist with liner notes. Stream or download the tracks from Freegal!

Auditory Apparitions

The Halloween tunes keep comin'.

When you need some seasonally appropriate music and you're really trying to avoid the theme from Halloween, Tubular Bells, or Herrmann's Psycho score, the NPL Mixtapes project is here to help you out. From a vintage classic (Frankenstein), to more recent fare (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark), this short compliation of tracks from the world of horror movies (and one ghost romance) should provide a moodily atmospheric and decidedly eerie good time.

1. "Drag Me to Hell" by Christopher Young from Drag Me To Hell (OST)

2. "The Ghost" by Bernard Herrmann from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

3. "Theme from Frankenstein" by Bernhard Kaun from Classic Horror Movie Themes

4. "The Ghost" (another one!) by Lalo Schifrin from The Amityville Horror

5. "Main Title" by Brian Tyler from Frailty OST

6. "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Main Titles" by Marco Beltrami from Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

7. "Prince of Darkness End Credits" by John Carpenter/Alan Howarth from Prince of Darkness Complete OST

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