Opening Night

A movie about a musical about one hit wonders with JC Chasez and Topher Grace? Yes please.

I’ve been struggling with reading lately. We’re four weeks into the new year and I’ve only read 4 books. I’m such a slacker, but I just can’t seem to find anything to hold my attention. Part of the problem is that I’m getting caught up on my DVD watching. 
And I found my new favorite movie. Seriously, this thing is so awesome.
Basic premise: Nick (Topher Grace) is stage managing a Broadway show and he has to keep a cast of neurotic artists under control in order to appease his boss, Mr. Goldmeyer, played by a delightfully insane Rob Riggle. The show is called One Hit Wonderland, and it stars JC Chasez (aka the other guy from N’Sync) as himself in a Christmas Carol-like blast through the one hit wonders of the past.
Things I love about this movie:
1) It’s about a musical.
2) It makes fun of one hit wonders, but celebrates them at the same time.
3) JC makes every N’Sync pun you could possibly want.
4) You keep watching Rob Riggle, hoping his head will actually explode.
5) Did I mention it starred Topher Grace?
If you need something to get you through your next snow day, check this one out. If you love it, we can be friends.
Happy watching…
:) Amanda

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