The Imposter

If you liked American Animals

Don’t get me wrong—I thought American Animals was great.  You should definitely put it on hold right now.  But the real reason I wanted to see it is because it was directed by Bart Layton, who made the 2012 documentary The Imposter.

The Imposter seems to give itself away with its title, right?  You would think so.  A teenager goes missing and is found several years later in another country…allegedly.  But I have never had such a shocked, wide-eyed, arm-grabbing movie experience as with this film.  I remember literally gasping in the theater multiple times.  If that sounds like an enticing way to spend an hour and a half, this movie is for you.  

And if you like the adrenaline rush and pure joy of surprising twists and revelations, you should also check out Searching for Sugar Man.  

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