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BBTL Loving & Learning Family Workshops

BBTL offers Loving & Learning workshops on a variety of literacy-based topics. To schedule a workshop, contact Bringing Books to Life at (615) 880-1625 or

The Joy of Reading

This interactive workshop will help parents nurture their child’s LOVE for books and reading. We will discuss the magic of reading aloud and practice developing narrative skills through dialogic reading. We will share favorite books, and other ways to make book time a valuable time.

The Learning Power of Play

Play is a child’s work! We will discuss the importance of play in the development of your child’s literacy and social skills. Parents will reconnect with their own ability to play and discover ways to encourage and facilitate their child’s play.

The Wonderful World of Writing

From scribbles to spelling, learning to write is a process. In this workshop, we focus on supporting a child’s experience with writing. Families will discover simple strategies, books, and activities to make writing fun.

Words and Letters in the World Around Us

Letters are in the world around us! Pointing out letters and sounds helps your child with print recognition. We will talk about letter games, rhymes, and playing with sounds in ways that make learning and reading time fun.

Home is a Learning Zone

Learning does not happen just at school; it also happens at home! In fact, parents, you are your child’s first and most important teachers. Parents will learn about ways to create learning activities in and around the home using everyday objects.