Jamie Oliver: 5 Ingredients

You know you can’t resist a 5 ingredient cookbook.

Jamie Oliver’s latest, which has 2-page spreads for each recipe with beautiful photographs and lots of white space, is particularly irresistible:

Not all of the recipes are for full meals, but a surprising number of them are.  Many of them, actually, are just simpler versions of recipes that you probably already make.  I’m planning on doing a sort of competition—is it worth the effort to make my more difficult version, or is Jamie’s easier version just as good?

There’s also a chapter on desserts, featuring fruit-based treats like Pineapple Carpaccio and Mango Rice Pudding.  And I have never in my life seen a recipe that made me think I could successfully work with phyllo dough, but the Honey Berry Phyllo Smash has done it.


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