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Family Folk Tales Podcast

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Susan is a cataloging librarian and recovering children’s librarian. She learned to read on her grandmother’s steps before she started school, and hasn’t stopped. She has a lifelong love of yarns, both the kind she knits with and the kind she is able to share through Family Folk Tales.

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Family Folktales: The Stone-Cutter

A stone-cutter is content with his life until he is exposed to the life of a rich man. When his wish for such a life is granted, he wishes to be greater and stronger until the mountain spirit grants one last wish.

Family Folktales: Maiden Bright-Eye

A widowed man with a son and a daughter (she is known as Maiden Bright-Eye) marries a cruel woman with a daughter of her own who cannot equal Maiden Bright-Eye in any way. After Maiden Bright-Eye is rewarded for her kindness and her stepsister punished for her cruelty, the king decides to marry Maiden Bright-Eye. Will Maiden Bright-Eye get her happily ever after, or will her cruel stepsister?

Family Folktales: The Three Princes and Their Beasts

Three princes go hunting with their stepsister, agreeing along the way to spare the lives of several animals in exchange for the young of those animals. When the oldest is betrayed by the stepsister – well, dragons, death, and peril ensue.

Family Folk Tales: The Man Without a Heart

Brothers in search of wives are turned to stone by an old man whose heart is hidden in a distant bird. Their brother heads off to find the heart, but he may need the help of some unusual friends if he is to succeed.

Family Folk Tales: The Dragon of the North

A witch-maiden, a magician, a broken heart, and magic – all may play a part in helping a young man defeat a dragon with “a body like an ox, and legs like a frog, two short fore-legs, and two long ones behind, and a tail like a serpent, ten fathoms in length.” Yikes!