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3D Printing

Studio NPL's 3D printing program is designed to bring your ideas to life through the additive manufacturing process. From learning about design, to holding your prints in your hand, Studio NPL will guide you through the entire 3D printing process.


The library's 3D printing service is for educational and hobby purposes. Use of the library's small and medium PLA printers is available at the discretion of the Studio NPL team and according to library policy. Please review the 3D Printing Policy prior to reaching out to library staff. 

3D printing is open to all ages. Teens may attend Studio NPL 3D printing workshops for help with design and printing. 

Submit your completed design in .STL format for printing. 

We cannot accommodate walk-in or same-day requests.  

3D printing is a time-consuming process, and approved prints may take several days or weeks to complete after submission.

Submit a Print / Ask a Question

Request a 3D print, an explanation of the design process, or a review of your original design using the form below. You can also email Studio NPL at