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BBTL Professional Development Workshops

BBTL offers free educator workshops on a variety of literacy-based topics. To schedule a workshop, contact Bringing Books to Life at (615) 880-1625 or

BBTL Orientation Workshops

This is our introductory workshop series for sites who wish to become a BBTL partner. Over the course of two sessions, we explore Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, practice read-aloud techniques and share ideas for incorporating literature across the early childhood curriculum. Additionally, we will talk about NPL’s history of puppetry arts and focus on our featured Puppet Truck show, presented by Wishing Chair Productions. Teachers will receive curriculum materials and resources to bring the featured puppet show to life in their classrooms as well as time to plan collaboratively.

(Two 90-minute workshops. Can be combined into one 3-hour workshop.)

Every Child Ready to Read

Learn five simple ways to help children develop skills they need to learn to read. These practices are appropriate for infants – pre-K and can be integrated into enjoyable activities throughout the day.

(1 hour)

Early Literacy and Story Times

In this workshop, we examine six important early literacy skills—print motivation, print awareness, vocabulary, narrative skills, phonological awareness, and letter knowledge—and explore how to use story time to address each skill. We’ll share great new books, as well as old favorites, to use in your next classroom story time.

(1 hour)

Early Literacy

We teach the six important early literacy skills: Print Motivation, Print Awareness, Vocabulary, Narrative Skills, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge and how to use story time to teach each one. The most up to date titles are shared for teachers to look through.

(1 hour)

Read It Again!

It’s a story time for teachers! In this interactive workshop, learn different read aloud techniques that capture and keep children’s’ attention. We’ll bring an exciting variety of books and practice using them to teach early literacy concepts with repeat read alouds.

(1-1.5 hours)

Non-Boring Non-Fiction

Many of us think of non-fiction books as those books with photos and lists of facts. But, there are many great informational books with creative narratives and fantastic illustrations. These books highlight interesting inventions, strange animals, and amazing people who changed history. We share some wonderful selections with you and ideas on how to use them.

(1 hour)

How to Bring a Book to Life!

This two-part workshop covers the use of dramatic play to engage students in reading. Three different books with three detailed lessons (that include teaching math, science and art) will be discussed. All activities align with TN Early Learning Developmental Standards.

  • Part One: Narrative skills with the books Where the Wild Things Are, Tooth Fairy Training Camp, and Press Here
  • Part Two: Rhyming word play, punctuation, and parts of a story with the books Rhyming Dust Bunnies, Where Are the Words, and Help, We Need a Title!

(2 hours)

STEAM and Literacy

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are important in the educational world for teaching critical thinking skills. This is a hands-on, experiment-filled workshop with ways to get students problem solving. And, of course, we offer plenty of fantastic book suggestions.

(2 hours)

Math Tells a Story

Math is not all about numbers! You can use fun books to teach many math concepts, including spatial skills, patterns, number shapes and more. We’ll share interesting and engaging lesson and activity ideas for infant/toddler through early elementary ages, as well as great math picture books you’ll want to add to your classroom.

(1-2 hours)

Wonderfully Wordless!

Have you used wordless books before? They use illustrations to tell the story, making them books everyone can read, no matter their age, skill level or primary language. We will explore how art can convey emotion and a story line to teach important narrative skills. Hands-on art techniques for use in the classroom can be added on for a longer workshop.

(1-1.5 hours)

Friends with Feelings: Puppet-talking with Children

A puppet is a friend who can help a child find, understand, and verbalize their feelings. When you combine a puppet friend with a book about feelings, you have a powerful tool for social-emotional learning in the classroom. Learn ways to use puppets throughout the day, as well as great books that address common social-emotional issues.

(1-1.5 hours)

We’re All In This Together: Using Picture Books to Talk About Collective Trauma

This workshop explores collective traumatic experiences and their effects on development in the early childhood years. We’ll share tools and strategies for using literature to navigate collective traumatic experiences in the early childhood classroom. We will also provide budget-friendly lesson ideas and a list of books and library resources.

(1 hour)