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This month's Nashville history post is letting photography do the talking, with a variety of slideshows for all to enjoy. Starting with a tribute to all medical workers for their dedicated service during these trying times, to finishing with a little more of "Some Good News - Archives Edition." 

As May is National Photography Month, I thought I'd let the below slideshows do the talking for me. And, I thought I'd try covering a few different topics in the process, so hopefully this blog post will have something for everyone. 

And since this blog post is published the weekend before Memorial Day, I'd also like to offer a special and enduring thank you to all of our veterans out there. And of course, lets remember everyone that made the ultimate sacrifice during their service.

<a data-flickr-embed="true" data-footer="true"  data-cke-saved-href="" href="" title="Through the Years: A Look Back at Nashville&#x27;s Medical Past"><img  data-cke-saved-src="" src="" width="640" height="396" alt="Through the Years: A Look Back at Nashville&#x27;s Medical Past"></a></p>
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February 26,1919 - World War I Welcome Home parade in Washington, D.C. - along Pennsylvania Ave.


Topics of below slideshows:

  • A tribute to all medical workers during these trying times, with a look back at Nashville's Medical Past. 
  • A look back at Nashville's Flood History, including the most recent 2010 flood. 
  • Because we're currently living in a world without sports, here's a look back at Nashville's baseball past. 
  • And lastly, a little more of "Some Good News, Archives Edition" 

Slideshow of medical workers as tribute to their service...

Through the Years: A Look Back at Nashville's Medical Past

Slideshow of past floods in Nashville in memoriam of 10 years since the May, 2010 flood...

Floods of Nashville's Past

Since we're all missing sports, especially baseball in this household, some old photos of Nashville baseball...

Play Ball! A Look Back at Nashville's Baseball History

More of "Some Good News - Archives Edition"

Over the month of October, 1918, things appeared to slowly get better during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic...

Tennessean clipping from October 2nd, 1918

Tennessean clipping from October 3rd,1918.And on a weird sidenote but a positive one, Daylight-Saving Period was tested for the first time and was successful...sort of obviously otherwise we might not still be doing it. 

Tennessean clipping from October 27th, 1918

'Til next time and hang in there everyone, 


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