Nashville Talking Library

About Nashville Talking Library

Nashville Talking Library is an audio-information service of Nashville Public Library. We read aloud current newspapers, magazines, books, and special programs to print-impaired residents. We are on the air seven days a week, at all hours. Listeners use special radios which we loan at no charge to eligible individuals in Nashville and Davidson County.

Apply for Service

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from our service,

Broadcast Schedule

Check out the Nashville Talking Library Broadcast Schedule to see what is playing. Or listen to the schedule on the phone by calling (615) 862-5876.

Volunteer with Nashville Talking Library

Volunteers read newspapers live on the air. They also record books and magazines at our studios at Main Library. Our recording hours are flexible, so volunteers can set up a reading schedule that fits well into their busy lives.

Volunteers may schedule recording sessions Monday through Friday.

We especially need volunteers who can read The Tennessean newspaper once each week, 9 am – 11 am, Monday - Friday.

How To Volunteer

To get started in the process of volunteering, please complete the volunteer application.

Other Ways You Can Help

To make a donation to Nashville Talking Library, please email Michael Wagner, at