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Be Well at NPL values making health information and wellness opportunities accessible to all, which is why we are thrilled to partner with the All of Us Research Program, a national effort to speed up medical breakthroughs and create a future of medicine that can tailor to our unique differences.

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A research program of the National Institutes of Health, All of Us seeks to enroll 1 million adults from diverse backgrounds, over a 10 year period. This research program is not only groundbreaking for its sample size, but also for its approach. Historically, the majority of participants in medical research have been white males, which results in drug treatments and interventions that may not work for other populations. All of Us wants to make sure that racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT individuals, and other underrepresented groups in research are no longer left behind and will benefit from future medical breakthroughs.

"The future of health begins with you."

Any adult living in the United States can join the All of Us Research Program. Unlike most medical research, All of Us participants are considered partners in the study and have full access to their own test results and can provide feedback and input to researchers. To learn how to become "one in a million" and change the future of healthcare for generations to come, check out

Curious about other medical research and clinical trial opportunties? maintains an updated list of trials that are currently enrolling participants. You can search by location and health condition, with opportunities spanning the globe.

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