Cooking and Food

Ratio by Michael Ruhlman

Happy Artober! Let's celebrate with a book about food math that is so cool, even a nonmath person (like me) will love it!

Woman at table 1925

Holiday cooking, 1925

The holiday season brings with it tables full of home-baked goodness. Cookies, cakes, pies, turkey, ham, potatoes, casseroles – the list is nearly infinite. The next time all the cooking seems to be just too much for you – consider our foremothers a century ago.

Tennessee State Fair cookbook, 1906

Things Good and Wholesome: A Culinary Adventure at the Archives

One of our most prized possessions at the Metro Archives is a rare cookbook compiled for the first Tennessee State Fair, held in Nashville at the fairgrounds in 1906. There are few of these left, and it's an artifact that marks a tradition that has been part of Nashville's history for over a century.

Retro Sno Food Truck

Savor Summer: Nashville Food Trucks

Working downtown like I do it’s, nigh unto impossible to ignore the existence of the food truck phenomenon. A few of them even park directly in front of the library on 6th Avenue. And yet…I’ve never officially eaten at one.

Egg Book Cover

Savor Summer: The Egg

Our whirlwind library culinary tour continues with one of my favorite ingredients - is it savory or is it sweet? Nope. It's just The Egg.

Book cover detail from The Art of Eating

Savor Summer: MFK Fisher

If Julia Child is the grande dame of cooking, then MFK Fisher is her counterpart in the land of food writers. There is no way we could possibly Savor Summer without mentioning her brilliance.