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Fiction and Literature

Think that a "Happily Ever After" is a guarantee at the end of every Disney story? Think again! In the Disney Twisted Tales series, the familiar heroes, princesses, and villains are in some very different versions of their stories. These novels are a different, darker take on some of the most beloved animated classics of all time. 

A house that's "sick with rot, stinks of decay, booms with every single evil and cruel sentiment" would definitely get a five star rating on a "terrifying vacation destinations" booking site; and it is the absolute perfect setting for Sylvia Moreno-Garcia's chilling 2020 novel.

When Ren has to move to a gray and concrete city, will he miss his home in the wild and beautiful el Yunque too much to see anything magical ever again? Published just this year, A New Kind of Wild is a delightful, imaginative picture book.