Nashville / Community History

The Parthenon in Centennial Park during the winter time - circa early 20th century

Nashville Family Collection - Can you locate where these pictures were taken?

Metro Archives recently received a small donation of documents/photographs/clippings for a couple of local Nashville families' vertical files. The families that are related by marriage are the McClanahans and the Weakley - 2 families that I found after a little research, have prominent roots in Nashville. The photographs donated date to around the early 20th century and are without doubt, very remarkable. However, many came without a caption or any identifiers at all, and they're not all in Nashville. The families appeared to have traveled a lot. Can you help us out and help identify a few of these locations?  

Theater poster from 1880s

Nashville Theatrics, 1888

A scrapbook attributed to a member of the Whalley family provides a rare and unique glimpse into Nashville's theatrical history.

Are you smarter than a 5th 1916?

The educational system in Nashville has changed quite a bit over the years, but the core subjects have always remained at the forefront of teaching. But with a few changes, would you have excelled if you had been in school about 100 years ago?

Life Periodical 1957, Little Rock

Little Rock Revisited

The 59th remembrance of a courageous action is coming upon us. Take some time to remember, or learn, about one of the most well-known events involving school desegregation in the South: the Little Rock Crisis.

James Robert Garrett, Jr. yearbook photo

Memorial Bibles, Lives Remembered

Something about old Bibles has always intrigued me. The "family pages" carefully chronicle the story of those who create the records the Archives carefully protects. Stories of beginnings, births, baptisms, and deaths comprising the framework of lives well lived.

Mayor Fulton speaking at Centennial Park at the 1984 Olympians' Salute

The 1996 Nashville Olympics....Say What?

Did you know that Nashville has a history with the Olympics? It's not a big one mind you, but it exists. Today, we recognize the 1996 Olympics as the last Summer Olympics that any U.S. city hosted, and that was in Atlanta (Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002). But what about Nashville? A lot of people might think we're too small and don't have the infrastructure, but that wasn't the concern many years ago when Nashville put together a pretty strong campaign to host the 1996 Olympics. 

Front cover of 1969-70 Bailey School PTA yearbook

Bailey School PTA

As another school year begins, thousands of parents will reconvene together with local schoolteachers in parent-teacher organizations and associations.