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Book Review: La Bella Lingua

When we travelled to Italy, I really wanted to learn more of the language because Italians don’t, as a rule, speak much English. What no one tells you before hand is that Italian is hard to learn. When I came across this book, I was hoping that it would give me the added insight to get better at Italian.

Mexican Whiteboy book cover detail

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

We need diverse books! I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase or seen the hashtag on twitter in the past year. Per statistics compiled by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, only 36 out of 3,500 children and young adult books published in 2014 were written by Latino authors.

The Warden goes Southern

 A Southern family dynasty romance? I’m so in. I have a real soft spot for Southern literature and family sagas, so to put those together was very exciting.

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Book Review: Who Do You Love?

Who do I love? Hmm...let's see. I love my husband. I love my crazy kittens. I love my family. I more than like my job. I love...



Oh. Who Do You Love is the title of a book by Jennifer Weiner?

Armada book cover

Book Review: Armada

A few years ago we all (and I mean ALL of us) geeked out over a little book called Ready Player One. It was an epic battle filled with gaming, fun 80′s stuff, and adventure. It even made our Best of 2012 Popmatic Podcast episode as one of our favorite books of the year. Thanks Crystal for bringing us so much fun and entertainment!

road trip picture

YA Road Trips

Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter, and the first day of school is just around the corner. Shake off your back to school blues and go on an end-of-summer vacation with a hot YA Road Trip title. Before hitting the open road, don’t forget to fill up the gas tank, pack some snacks, and create the perfect summer playlist.


Movie Review: Wagonmasters

This is a super enjoyable 40 minute PBS documentary (not including voluminous and very worthwhile bonus features) celebrating the rise and fall and ongoing club-like passion for the American station wagon.