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Summer Challenge Book Lists: Anti Heroes

The Summer Challenge theme this year is "Every Hero Has a Story." Check out these books with antiheroes - characters who lack conventional superhero characteristics, such as courage, idealism, and morality. You may just find your next favorite read!

Book List: My Dad's Top Five

My father is where I get my love of science fiction and fantasy. I grew up around Robert Heinlein and Marion Zimmer Bradley (I was even named after one of her books!). Both my parents encouraged me to read growing up, which has made me the bibliophile I am today!

I Take You Book Cover

I Take You!

Hi there! Are you a fan of offbeat romantic comedies looking for fun vacation reads? Even better, titles to read as part of your NPL Summer Challenge participation? If so, add  I Take You to your  holds list.


Priceless Book Cover

Book Review: Priceless

3 nights at a 4 star hotel in a warm climate: approximately $1000

Car rental to get you to the beach: $100

Reading a good book at said beach while you dig your toes into the warm sand: Priceless. Oh wait. No, I’m sorry. The name of the book is Priceless. You don’t have to read it at the beach. You can read it anywhere you want.

Summer Challenge Book List: Real Heroes

According to Merriam-Webster, a hero is someone who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Take a peek at these stories of bravery and outstanding achievement!

Olive Kitteridge book cover

Women of a certain age

As baby-boomers redefine the cultural landscape, it is appropriate that we re-write the literature, cinema, and music of our time. That’s right, Stevie Nicks, it’s now the Edge of Seven-ty.