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Dead Space book cover

Dead Space: Salvage Book review

To tell you about this graphic novel, I must give a little background about the world of Dead Space. Dead Space takes place about 300-500 years in the future where the Earth is dying. Resources have become so limited that the people of Earth have started mining planets for resources, and have colonized several moons and planets.

popsugar reading challenge picture

2015 Reading Challenge from POPSUGAR

Since New Year’s is all about making resolutions, I think one of the best resolutions a reader can make is to diversify what they read throughout the year. That being said, POPSUGAR has created a 2015 Reading Challenge, a list of different genres or themes to use as a jumping off point to expand your reading horizons.Here are a few highlights from the POPSUGAR list, and what I'll be reading for each one.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle You May Not Know

In honor of the beginning of the next series of Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery, I went to the periodicals stacks to dig up some original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and came across something that interested me even more. 

Burial Rites book cover

Book Review: Burial Rites

This is hands-down the best historical fiction that I have read this past year. I cannot say enough about this book, it is so good. The story is compelling and poignant and the atmospheric setting immediately transports the reader to another place and time.

Little Old Lady Recipes book cover

Book Review: Little Old Lady Recipes

Did your 2014 New Year’s Resolution focus on smart and sensible eating? Ready to shelve that crazy thought? In that case, have we got a book for you!

Amiri Baraka

In Memoriam: Amiri Baraka 1934-2014

We lost one of our most vibrant and uncompromising voices with the death of poet, playwright, and cultural critic Amiri Baraka. Born LeRoi Jones, Baraka had the distinction of dropping out of three universities and being discharged from the Air Force for communist sympathies before starting his literary career.

TV Series Review: The Fall, Series 1

TV Series Review: The Fall, Series 1

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is called away from London to  review the handling of a murder investigation led by police in Northern Ireland. Gibson quickly finds procedural mistakes, and evidence that another recent murder may make this the work of a serial killer. When yet another victim is discovered, Gibson is put in charge of the investigation.

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver (audiobook)

2013-ish Audio Books

Audio books are my favorite way to sneak a little “reading” into the post-holiday grind. Thankfully, the library has three ways to do it with CD audio, Playaway audio, and downloads from Overdrive.